southern iowa
Fair & Exposition
  • Mahaska County
  • Oskaloosa, IA
JULY 15-20, 2019
Red, White & Blue - This Fair Is For You

Arena REntal

The arena is 160’x240’ with a sand/dirt surface.  There are entry/exit gates at both ends.  A water hydrant is located on the southwest corner of the arena.  The arena and east parking area can be lighted for night events.  A sound system is provided with rental.  We have 2 horse barns with a total of 70 stalls. Stalls may be rented in for an additional fee.  Rental prices are listed below:
  • $175 per day - This includes the arena worked once before the event
  • $200 per day- This includes the renter using our tractor/equipment during the event
  • $225 per day- This includes a Southern Iowa Fair Board Member operating the tractor/equipment during the event
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